Move Out Checklist


Your lease expires: __________________


1.  When are you moving out?  Call 740-591-4786 or email one week prior to moving with the day and time the last person plans on being out.


2.  Utilities: Take utilities out of your name.  Don’t do anything with the water bill because it stays in my name.  

            When I return the deposits, all utilities will be split evenly between tenants.  If you have concerns that

            someone hasn’t paid their portion of the utilities then contact me BEFORE you move out.


3.  Clean the house thoroughly:

1.      Stove: clean surface, clean oven and broiler pan

2.      Sinks and cabinets: remove everything from cabinets and drawers and wipe out

3.      Sweep and mop floors

4.      Everything removed from basement, closets, rooms (only cleaning supplies can be left behind)

5.      Refrigerator: wipe down inside and out

6.      Bathroom: sink, toilet, tub/shower, floors

Make sure the entire house is as clean or cleaner than when you moved in.  Cleaning cost $25.00/hr/person.


4.  Items you can leave if you wish.  You can leave cleaning supplies, working vacuum cleaners, vacuum cleaner bags and light bulbs.  Please leave supplies in the kitchen.  Do not allow next years tenants to move stuff in.


5.  Keys: Leave bedroom keys in the door lock for each bedroom.  Leave exterior keys on the kitchen counter.


6.  Addresses: Leave self addressed and stamped envelope on the kitchen counter for security deposit return.


7.  Damages: If specific damages need to be charged to one person, have that person sign a note stating what

            damages they are responsible for.  If I don’t receive a note then all tenants will be equally charged.



DAMAGES:  Do not attempt to fix damages yourself.  Contact me and I will have my repairman fix the

            problem at your cost. $25.00/hr/person labor cost + material cost.

FINAL CHECKOUT:  Call Brad at 740-591-4786 once you have completely moved out and cleaned the house.

SECURITY DEPOSIT: Your security deposit will be returned within 30 days as long as you have followed the

above instructions correctly.  All security deposits will be divided equally between tenants unless specific tenants sign a note that they are responsible for damage or a higher percentage of bills.