Move in Checklist


MOVE IN DATE/TIME: Your move in day is _________.  I need the week after graduation to clean, paint and repair all my units.  You will need to either take your stuff home or rent a storage unit for that week.  It is very important that you talk to your roommates and let me know when the first person plans to move in

740-591-4786 or email  Keys will be given to the first person moving in.


UTILITIES:  Call all utility companies at least one week prior to occupancy to get the account changed into your

      name.  If required, arrange to meet serviceman to change over the account.  Time that I have to spend

      dealing with your utility problems will cost you $20.00 per hour.  Any bill that I have to pay will

      cost you $10 in addition to the cost of the bill.  You will be responsible for utility bills even if you

      don’t occupy the unit / the utilities will not be turned off.


      Gas -          Columbia Gas of Ohio Inc.            (800) 344-4077     

      Electric -       AEP                             (800) 277- 2177

      Cable -       Time Warner                        (800) 617- 4311       

      Water/Trash - The City of Athens requires that all water/trash bills stay in the landlords name. 

                              The bills will come to your house and you will be responsible for paying them.


INSPECT: Check out all of the items on this list prior to moving in and notify me if anything needs to be taken care of.  Please notify me by email . Calling me is helpful, but I want the list emailed also.  If I don’t receive a list from you then I will be forced to assume that everything is in good order.


1.      Make sure you have a fire extinguisher.

2.      Make sure there is a smoke detector in every bedroom.

3.      Make sure that you have a snow shovel.

4.      Make sure you have a CO detector.

5.      Is the refrigerator clean?   Kitchen clean?  Bathroom clean?

6.      Are the carpets clean?  Are the carpets damaged?

7.      Was any furniture or trash left behind from previous tenants?

7.   Are there any damages to the property (broken windows, holes in walls, etc.)?


The following are to be provided by Tenants:  fans, shower curtains, mops, brooms, cleaning            supplies, light bulbs, flashlights, air conditioners, vacuum cleaners, blinds, trash cans with lids. 


SUBLEASORS: You are responsible for subleasor damages, utilities, etc.  It is very important to have a

      subleasor 1) sign an agreement with you, 2) give you a security deposit & 1st months rent, 3) make sure

      utilities are put in subleasors' name.   I have a lot of experience with subleasors NOT paying their bills.

      And, you must get written approval from me to sublease your room!


INSURANCE:  Landlord is not responsible for stolen or damaged items that belong to tenants.  To insure

      against a loss tenants are advised to obtain renters insurance.  Examples: You will be responsible for your

      personal items if there is a water leak, fire, loss of power, break in or appliance failure.


RENT: Name & address for rent checks:   Brad Jageman,   32 W. Stimson Ave., Athens, Ohio 45701