This lease is made and executed between BRAD JAGEMAN, herein "LANDLORD," and


Name:        _________________    Parents Names:   ____________

Social Security #:   ____________    Parent Address:   _____________

Cell Phone #:   _______________    Parent Phone #:   _______________

Email Address:   ____________    Parent Email:    ____________

Name:        _________________    Parents Names:   _____________

Social Security #:   ____________    Parent Address:   _______________

Cell Phone #:   _______________    Parent Phone #:   _______________

Email Address:  _____________    Parent Email:    _______________


Name:        _________________    Parents Names:   _____________

Social Security #:   ____________    Parent Address:   ______________

Cell Phone #:   _______________    Parent Phone #:   ______________

Email Address:______________    Parent Email:    ______________


Name:        _________________    Parents Names:   _____________

Social Security #:   ____________    Parent Address:   ______________

Cell Phone #:   _______________    Parent Phone #:   ______________

Email Address:   ____________    Parent Email:    _______________

Name:        _________________    Parents Names:   _______________

Social Security #:_____________    Parent Address:   _______________

Cell Phone #:   ______________    Parent Phone #:   ________________

Email Address:   ____________    Parent Email:    ________________


Name:        _________________    Parents Names:   ______________

Social Security #:   ____________    Parent Address:   _______________

Cell Phone #:   _______________    Parent Phone #:   ________________

Email Address:   ____________    Parent Email:    ________________


herein "TENANTS."  LANDLORD leases to TENANTS ______________ at ___________________________


to commence _______________, ______, and to end _______________, ______; in consideration TENANTS


agree to pay LANDLORD a sum of $_______________, payable in ________________   installments of


$_________________, due __________________________________________________________________


In further consideration, the parties also agree as follows:

1.   TENANTS shall deposit with the LANDLORD upon the signing of this document the sum of $_________ (per unit, not per person) as a security deposit for the faithful performance of all the terms and conditions herein stated in this agreement.  TENANT further agrees that no portion of the sum deposited shall be substituted for, or be in lieu of  TENANT'S last rental installment due under this lease.  Security deposits of $ __________ will be returned at the end of this lease or any extension thereof, less any unpaid rent, damages, clean-up charges or utility payments necessary to make unit ready for rental. 

2.   This lease will go into effect upon LANDLORD receiving a completed and signed lease agreement and full payment of security deposit.

3.  TENANTS agree to pay first rent payment prior to occupancy.

4.   TENANTS are responsible for payment as per lease until the date of termination.  The above named TENANTS  agree they are jointly and severally liable on all debts, rents, damages and other obligations described herein.

5.   A $50 late fee will be assessed, if the rent (or any portion of the rent) is still unpaid 5 days after the due date.  Should any check be returned by the bank a $15 additional charge will be assessed.

6.  Utilities are to be paid by TENANTS except _______________ .  TENANTS agree to put utilities in their name excepting those listed above.  Gas, electric and water must remain on during the entire term of TENANT’S lease even if they aren’t occupying the unit.  TENANTS shall be charged $10 in addition to the cost of the bill for every bill that LANDLORD handles excepting the water/trash bill which the City of Athens requires that the LANDLORD be billed.  TENANTS will be fully responsible for paying the water/trash bill even though the LANDLORD is billed by the city.

7.  Sublease allowed with written permission.  If one of the TENANTS vacates the premises prior to the end of the lease, the vacating TENANT shall be fully responsible for his obligations created under this lease, as well as the remaining TENANTS shall also be fully responsible to maintain the terms and conditions of this lease.  A $100.00 fee will be charged for each TENANT that subleases.  This fee will be for accounting, paperwork and move in/move out wear & tear.

8.  Maximum occupancy __________ .

9.   No waterbeds or kegs are permitted on premises during the term of this lease.

10. No alterations, including tape on walls, repainting walls or woodwork, nails or screws in walls, doors,  woodwork or ceiling will be permitted without written permission of LANDLORD.

11. Trash and garbage shall be removed from the premises weekly.

12. TENANTS agree to keep property clean and maintained at all times.

13. TENANTS shall be responsible for all snow and ice removal from sidewalks, steps, porches and driveways.

14. TENANTS agree that the premises shall be maintained at a minimum temperature of 55 degrees Fahrenheit during the winter months, and any failure of TENANTS to maintain the premises at said reasonable temperature shall automatically be deemed a breach of this lease and TENANT shall pay for all damages incurred at said premises by reason of the TENANT'S failure to abide by all statutory obligations required by Ohio Revised Code 5321.05.

15. TENANTS agree that no heat vents or cold air returns shall be covered by furniture or any other means. 

      Failure to keep and observe the above rule will constitute a breach of the terms of this lease.  TENANTS shall pay for any damage that should occur from failure to abide by the above rule. 
6. If, due to circumstances beyond the LANDLORD’S control, the premises shall not be ready for occupancy at the beginning of the term, this lease shall nevertheless remain in effect and the rent shall be abated proportionately until the premises are so ready, and LANDLORD shall not be liable for delay; provided, that if the premises shall not be ready for occupancy thirty (30) days after said beginning, TENANTS shall have the right to cancel this lease by written notice delivered to LANDLORD at any time after expiration of  said thirty (30) days, but not after the premises are ready for occupancy.  LANDLORD’S remedy shall be limited to such right of cancellation, and on such cancellation, neither party shall have further right against the other, save the LANDLORD shall repay any deposits made by TENANTS.

17. TENANTS shall be responsible for the following items: keeping the fire extinguisher fully charged, knowing how to use the fire extinguisher,  keeping the smoke alarms in good working order,  knowing the location of the electrical box, knowing how to reset a circuit breaker, knowing the location of the main water shut off valve and maintaining an extra key to any lockable doors. TENANTS shall supply any necessary shower curtain rods, shower curtains, blinds, curtains, curtain rods, mops, brooms, cleaning supplies, light bulbs, flashlights, air conditioners, fans, vacuum cleaners, inside trash cans and outside trash cans with lids.
. There shall be no pets of any kind in said premises by TENANTS or their guests.  A $500.00 non-refundable fee will be charged if a pet is found on the premises.  In addition to $500.00 initial fee, $50.00 per month per TENANT will be charged to keep the pet.

19. Alcohol consumption by persons under the age of 21 shall be prohibited on the premises. 

20. LANDLORD reserves the right to inspect, repair or show property with a 24 hour notice to TENANTS.
21. TENANTS agree to use property for legal purposes only, and shall not use or permit the premises to be used in violation of drug laws.

22. TENANTS hereby, in consideration of the rent specified, accept and assume full responsibility for the aforesaid premises, and hereby releases the LANDLORD from all liability or injury to the person or property of the TENANTS, their guests and invitees, and/or of the TENANT'S family while within or about said premises for any matter not directly controlled by LANDLORD.  LANDLORD shall maintain insurance on the structure, but TENANTS must provide their own content insurance coverage, if any, is desired.

23. LANDLORD shall pay for all repairs to the premises and appliances that are necessary other than TENANTS      negligence or abuse.  LANDLORD  shall not be liable for personal injury or property damage resulting from the malfunction of any appliance in the unit.  LANDLORD will make all major repairs as required by law.  TENANTS shall report to LANDLORD any damage to said premises within twenty-four (24) hours of discovering the damage or sooner if the situation dictates. LANDLORD will have damages repaired within a reasonable time after TENANT gives written notice of the need for such repairs.  Except to prevent further damage, TENANT shall not repair or have repaired any damages without the LANDLORD'S permission.

24. LANDLORD shall not be liable for any theft, destruction, loss, or damages to any property of TENANTS, or their guests.  TENANTS must provide their own personal renter's insurance, if they so desire.  LANDLORD shall not be liable to TENANT for any act of violence, nor shall LANDLORD be liable for any damages caused by failure of heating equipment or from plumbing, or other pipes or fixtures, or sewage, nor for any damage arising from the acts of neglect of other tenants of said premises, or adjacent premises or the elements or damages arising from acts which the LANDLORD cannot control.

25. If the premises are partially destroyed by fire or other destruction during the lease term, LANDLORD shall repair any damage to the structure with all reasonable diligence, and without unnecessary interruption of TENANT'S occupancy.  If the premises are rendered uninhabitable during the lease term by fire, other destruction or condemnation for more than five (5) days, this lease shall terminate, and the rent shall cease to accrue as of the date of destruction.  Rents and deposits previously paid will be refunded, prorated to the time the premises became uninhabitable, less any deductions permitted under this lease.  TENANTS shall have no claim or interest in any compensation or award of damages for such occurrences.

26.   LANDLORD shall be responsible for keeping wiring, plumbing, roof, hot water heater, furnace, stove and   refrigerator in good working order, subject to TENANTS obligations to pay for damage caused by their negligence or abuse.

27. Certain damages, in the experience of the LANDLORD, may occur with regularity and the TENANT agrees to the following minimum charges for such damages: ten dollars ($15.00) for each key not returned to the LANDLORD, thirty dollars ($30.00) for a dirty refrigerator, stove or appliance; thirty-five dollars ($35.00) for trash left in the unit, thirty dollars ($25.00) per hour for cleaning premises. 

28.  Name, address & phone number of LANDLORD:  Phone: 740-591-4786       

      Brad Jageman, 32 W. Stimson Avenue, Athens, OH  45701


29.  Executed this __________day of ____________________, _______.




Signed________________    Signed____________________

                  Tenant 1                          Tenant 2


Signed________________    Signed____________________

                  Tenant 3                          Tenant 4


Signed________________    Signed____________________

                   Tenant 5                          Tenant 6  **